Project Cerberus   PSP
Baixar Jogo Project Cerberus – PSP
PSP PSP port “Cerberus plan” will complete the entire contents of your arcade, and join the rich original elements, including additional original story mode, the new model “area”, the whole role of the additional strength nirvana, etc., and to support PSP, Ad Hoc wireless multiplayer gaming.
PSP version of “Hell Dog Scheme” to provide alternative role of 15, each role are presented exquisite high-definition screen. 2D high-definition players to bring the feeling of fighting. Each character has different story to choose and according to the different character roles, to give each character their own unique nirvana, instant reverse the war situation.

Idioma: Inglês
Mídia: DVD
Formato: ISO
Tamanho: 485 MB
Project Cerberus   PSP
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